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Strategic Plan


Per Board Policy 6150, Sunman-Dearborn will accept non-resident students.  All non-resident students must apply for admission.  All applications must be received by May 1st.  Admission is for one year, and students must re-apply each year.  If applications for admission exceed the number allowable due to class size, students will be chosen through a lottery system.  All applications received after May 1st will be considered on a first come, first served basis as space permits.

Effective August 1, 2017, any student applying for admission after the date enrollment is submitted each semester to the state for funding, known as Count Day, the student must pay an amount equal to the pro-rated amount of per-student funding the school corporation receives in state funding for the remainder of the semester.  Payments can be made on a monthly basis.

If you are considering a transfer to Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools, we welcome you and encourage you to click on the information below to review and submit.

Click here to access the 24-25 Enrollment/Transfer page.

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Reflecting on our core values of stewardship, data-driven, collaboration, shared leadership, and commitment, the vision of Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools is:

Surpassing Expectations and Inspiring Excellence in Every Student, Every Day


Our mission is to provide a safe, innovative, and challenging environment designed to prepare students for their futures through Stewardship, Data-Driven Decision Making, Collaboration, Shared Leadership, and Commitment.

Listen to the latest episode of the Superintendent's Podcast  - SuperChat with host Gary Puckett.
    • Admin. Office

      Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools
      1 Trojan Place, Suite B
      St. Leon, IN 47012

      Tel: 812-623-2291
      Fax: 812-623-3341
      Dr. Andrew Jackson, Superintendent

      High School

      East Central High School
      1 Trojan Place, Suite A
      St. Leon, IN 47012

      Tel: 812-576-4811
      Fax: 812-576-2047
      Tom Black, Principal

      Middle School

      East Central Middle School
      8356 Schuman Road
      St. Leon, IN 47012

      Tel: 812-576-3500
      Fax: 812-576-3506
      Chad Swinney, Principal

    • Elementary Schools

      Bright Elementary
      22593 Stateline Road
      Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

      Tel: 812-637-4600
      Fax: 812-637-4606
      Michael Collier, Principal

      North Dearborn Elementary
      27650 Sawmill Road
      West Harrison, IN 47060

      Tel: 812-576-1900
      Fax: 812-576-1901
      Jeff Bond, Principal

      Sunman Elementary
      925 North Meridian St.
      Sunman, IN  47041

      Tel: 812-623-2235
      Toll Free:  888-645-5717
      Fax:  812-623-4330
      Pamela Dixon, Principal
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